Why more UK adults are choosing to straighten their teeth

Why more UK adults are choosing to straighten their teeth

A recent survey has revealed that 43% of adults questioned wished, to improve the appearance of their teeth through cosmetic dentistry.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, majority identified improved self-esteem as a motivating factor for seeking orthodontic treatment, along with looking younger and combatting the effects of aging.

For many, teeth straightening procedures play a key role in achieving these objectives, with treatments such as dental braces and Invisalign gaining popularity as Britons seek straighter teeth and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.       

Here we explain some of the key reasons that teeth straightening treatment is gaining increased popularity with adult dental patients in the UK.


For the vast majority of dental patients seeking cosmetic procedures, gaining confidence is an important factor. This makes teeth straightening (orthodontics) an attractive proposition for those with crooked or gapped teeth. Orthodontic treatment offers a straighter and more uniformed smile leading to improved self confidence in both personal and professional lives.

Modern Dentistry

Many adults find that improvements in modern dentistry make them more confident about cosmetic treatments than when they were younger. The advancement of quicker, less painful and highly effective teeth straightening procedures such as Invisalign means that more adults than ever are willing to explore the possibilities offered by modern treatments.  

Oral Health

Crooked and gapped teeth can also have a significant effect on oral health, so teeth straightening treatment is also advantageous when looking to improve the condition of teeth and gums. Gaps between teeth can cause a build up of debris that is not easily moved by cleaning. Non treatment of these crooked or gapped teeth can lead to issues with the build up of plaque and the potential development of cavities and gum disease and eventually tooth loss.


Teeth straightening is also recommended for adults with crowded or overlapping teeth as this can help to prevent more serious issues in later life. Middle aged patients can avoid a range of persistent issues such as overbite and jaw ache by undergoing corrective teeth straightening treatment, offering a painless and more attractive smile.

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