Choosing an orthodontist in London

Choosing an orthodontist in London

Though there are hundreds of orthodontic services across London, it’s important to find one that is best suited to your needs.

This means looking at a range of factors including accessibility and opening times, expertise, the treatments and services available and the quality of care a practice offers.

Here we look at some key considerations to make when choosing a suitable orthodontist practice in London for you and your family.  


As with any amenity, it’s preferable to find an orthodontist practice that is close to home, a reasonably short drive away or easily accessible via public transport. This will make your scheduled appointments with an orthodontist easier to get to and make any unforeseen visits less problematic.


If you have a family it is important that you find an orthodontic practice that can also cater for their needs. The most popular practices are usually those that offer expert treatments for children alongside their adult services, offering a full services for families.   


We all have busy lives and testing schedules, so choosing an orthodontic practice with accessible opening hours is a big bonus. This means you can attend appointments at a time that is convenient to you and doesn’t require re-arranging your plans or taking time off work or school.


A key requirement for a London orthodontic practice is that they offer the services that you require. So whether you are looking for teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign or corrective orthodontics using traditional braces, it’s important to find a practice that meets your needs.  


As with any other service, it’s good to read through some patient feedback before committing to an orthodontic practice. Most practices will have testimonial on their website and some handy ratings on their online listings and social media profiles.

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