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Child orthodontics

We offer a wide choice of treatments for children to help them smile with confidence for life, including NHS, standard and premium services. We also have a range of payment plans, including an interest-free option, to help spread the cost of your child’s treatment.

Our initial consultations are free with our private Treatment Coordinator and available to children of any age – if you want more information or would like to book a consultation please call us on 020 8265 9797.

As a dentist, I want the best level of clinical care for my patients. As a father, it’s important to me that my children feel relaxed and at ease during treatment. Dulwich Orthodontic Centre easily meets both these criteria.

Dr Martin Hussain, Dentist

NHS Orthodontics

We will see your child for their initial consultation within four weeks of them being referred, and will be able to tell you at that appointment whether they qualify for NHS treatment, and what other options are available to you. Please note that as a matter of practice policy only children under 16 would be considered for NHS treatment.

Standard Private Service

This is a cost-effective service which is ideal for those children who do not qualify for NHS treatment. The cost is significantly less than that of our premium private services. We are able to achieve this by providing your child with standard metal braces, and offering appointments from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

Premium Private Service

This is ideal for parents who want more convenient appointment times, or who want their child to have a wider choice of appliance. As well as having a full selection of appropriate braces (some cosmetic options are only suitable for those 14 or over), this service offers appointments outside school hours and on Saturdays.



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