A Guide to Referring Orthodontic Patients to Us

A Guide to Referring Orthodontic Patients to Us

No one should have to feel embarrassed about their teeth or remember to cover them up every time they smile. At Dulwich Orthodontic Centre we understand the impact misaligned teeth can have on your dental patients’ self-esteem, which is why we offer a range of treatments to help.

At your own dental practice, you will want to provide your patients with first class care, and we want to extend that level of excellence and support.  By referring your patients to Dulwich Orthodontic Centre, you will be providing them not only with our specialist care but also a wide range of teeth straightening treatments, that make use of the latest technologies and systems.

How Does It Work

After examining your patient, if you believe they require orthodontic treatment, all you have to do is complete our referral form and send it straight to us. Within the referral form we will require your patient’s basic information, contact details, medical history and your details.

However, to refer a patient to our practice you do not have to be a dentist. Parents and guardians can also refer their children to us, and adults can self-refer.

Why Choose Dulwich Orthodontics

Family Friendly

Our team provide a range of orthodontic treatments for both adults and children. With a range of teeth straightening solutions available, we are confident that the right treatment will leave you feeling happier about your smile. In addition, we also offer high quality aftercare and brace repairs for an all-round service.

Teeth Straightening

With a variety of brace options, you can find a convenient and comfortable teeth straightening treatment to suit you. Our treatment options will correct tooth positioning to reduce the stress on your jaw joint and neighbouring muscles. This can also relieve other issues, including neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines and headaches. In addition to fixed braces, we also offer lingual braces and Invisalign.

NHS Orthodontics

Within four weeks of being referred, an initial consultation takes place to determine if child patients qualify for NHS treatments. We can also advise them on the other available options if needed.

Private Services

We currently offer two different private packages. Our Standard Private Service is for children who do not qualify for NHS treatment. Weekday appointments and standard metal brace will be offered. Whereas our Premium Private Service offers convenient appointment slots and a full selection of suitable braces.

Referring Orthodontic Patients

If you are interested in referring future patients to Dulwich Orthodontic Centre, please complete our online form. Or alternatively, print or download the form to mail or fax it to our team on 020 8265 5228.