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Re-opening information

We hope and trust you and all your family are well. Following the events of the last few months with COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, we had to close the practice and furlough staff.  However, our emergency clinics during the lockdown was very successful in keeping patients out of pain and discomfort in a safe environment.

Following the directive from the government to open from 8   th June we have now met all our post lockdown requirement and instituted new systems and protocols.  Our website has been our best means of communication over the last few months where we use blogs and a coronavirus update page to keep patients informed.

We are pleased to say that all our staff are well and no news of us losing any patient to COVID-19 either.  We will commence contacting patients soon to book follow-up appointments this will be phased so please be patient. The appointment phone call will require you to answer some questions.

We are launching a   New Patient Consultation  procedures where we are looking to see patients for the initial consultation virtually.  This will take place in the comfort of their homes to limit the number of visits to the practice using our secure portal on our website. 

For the safety of all patients and staff we have installed the following: *Thermometer *Sneeze Guards *Sanitisation Points *Hand Washing sink *Floor marking and posters.

During your visit, patients or guardians with   high temperature  will not be seen. Please note that all our staff are available to assist a smooth run of these new protocols and assist patients to the new hygiene protocol.  We need your   CO-OPERATION.

Patients showing the following   symptoms  *High temperature *Persistent Cough *Loss of taste or smell.  Please get tested and self-isolate and inform us.

However, if you or any member of your family has   tested positive  for COVID-19, please inform the practice prior to making appointment.

TOILETS  are now not available at the practice for the safety of patients and staff.

LATENESS  - For the management of safe distancing, we have installed a queuing system at the door and staff will admit patients one at a time.  The seats are marked and a one-way direction system is in place.  Please note that if you are LATE we may not see you so please   ARRIVE ON TIME.  If the reception is full to its safe-distancing capacity, you will be asked to wait outside.  Please be patient and wrap up warm to wait outside.

MASKS  - The wearing of masks is compulsory for all patient, parents and guardians visiting the practice.  We will not admit anyone without a mask.  Masks   MUST  be worn throughout the visit and taken off in the surgery during the procedures.

FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS  – This will be made by telephone only, please call us to rebook.

We Look forward to welcoming you back.


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