World Oral Health Day 2021: Oral Care Tips for Your Family

World Oral Health Day 2021: Oral Care Tips for Your Family

World Oral Health Day 2021 has recently passed and acts as an annual reminder for everyone of the importance of caring for your oral health. For the next three years the message they would like to communicate with their campaign is to be proud of your mouth. This includes valuing and taking care of it and emphasising the importance of oral health for your overall health.

At Dulwich Orthodontics we encourage you to focus on caring for your teeth and gums in your household, as we provide our top oral care tips for your family.

Book Regular Dental Appointments

One of the top oral care tips for your family that we can offer is to book regular dental appointments. By attending regular appointments, your dentist can monitor your oral health and identify potential issues before they get worse. They can also recommend oral health tips, refer you for orthodontic braces and treat potential dental problems.

Follow Recommended Brace Care

If you do wear orthodontic braces, make the most of your treatment by following the brace care as recommended by your orthodontist. Depending on the type of brace you have, your form of brace care may differ. However, generally it is important to keep your brace clean and if you have a non-removable brace make sure you avoid hard and sticky foods. If your brace becomes damaged in any way, inform your orthodontist.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

A healthy and balanced diet can be beneficial for your oral health. A balanced diet means including plenty of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods and protein in your diet, while limiting your intake of foods and drink with a high sugar and fat content.

Reducing sugar in your diet can help to reduce your risk of tooth decay. As well as sweets, chocolate and sugary drinks, this also includes fruit juice, pastries, sugary breakfast cereals and sweet sauces

Teach Your Children About Oral Health

Just like any other form of self care, teaching your children about oral health can have a great impact. Watch them grow to independently care for their teeth and gums after being taught an effective oral care routine. Follow our oral care tips for your family, including teaching children to brush their teeth for two minutes both morning and night, when and how to use floss and mouthwash and attending dental appointments with them.

Following Our Oral Care Tips for Your Family

At Dulwich Orthodontics we care about your family’s oral health, which is why we offer high quality orthodontics for all. Fixed braces, lingual braces and Invisalign are all available at our practice for those looking to correct their tooth alignment. Having teeth straightening treatment can make it easier to clean your teeth and maintain fresh breath and a healthy smile.

For more information about orthodontic braces, please call 020 8265 9797 to speak to our team.