Why more adults are getting their teeth straightened

Why more adults are getting their teeth straightened

Misaligned teeth and jaws are an age-old problem, and the pursuit of the perfect smile is nothing new.  The first orthodontic appliance was believed to be created way back in 1728 by French dentist Pierre Fauchard and ever since then, orthodontic practices and systems have been advancing to help correct mild to severe cases of crowding, misaligned and crooked teeth. 

In recent years, the development of invisible braces has led to an explosion in demand for teeth straightening, but it doesn’t end there, as the latest figures suggest.  The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) has reported that three quarters of their members are seeing an increase in adults coming through their doors.  This means teeth straightening is in ever-increasing demand, but what is behind the surge?

Celebrity Influence

Social media and celebrity culture have definitely elevated the ‘coolness’ of braces.  With many celebrities sharing their teeth straightening journeys on social platforms and endless perfect smile selfies being snapped, there is certainly more awareness about teeth and the straightening treatments available.

Socially Acceptable

Celebrities and influencers, in making their stories public, have also made wearing braces more socially acceptable.  No longer something that we associate only with those in school uniform, braces are now worn by people of all ages, in all walks of life and seeking a straighter smile is actively being encouraged to help adults increase their confidence.

Invisible Options

Invisible and discreet teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign and Lingual , have undoubtedly increased interest in adults braces.  With systems such as these, patients can enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile without their treatment being particularly noticeable.  This has been of great interest to adults who are in public-facing roles and would have previously worried about metal braces attracting attention to their smile.  With modern braces being so widely available, there are many more choices open to adults who are looking for a straighter smile and it also gives orthodontists greater options to ensure each individual receives the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Affordable and Accessible

Not only are teeth straightening treatments now more widely available, but they are also more affordable.  For example, Invisalign treatment here at Dulwich Orthodontics starts from just £2200, and with options to spread the cost of your treatment, there has never been a better time to invest in the smile you have always wanted.

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