The benefits of Invisalign Teen for the new school year

The benefits of Invisalign Teen for the new school year

The school year is ending in a strange fashion, with only a small percentage of students back at school. Having experienced home schooling during lockdown, it’s likely that many teens will actually be looking forward to the new school year starting in September, when they will hopefully be able to go back to school with their friends. For some teenagers, the time away from school may have meant less time worrying about their appearance, whereas others will have had more time to focus on these issues, for example, misaligned or gappy teeth. Ahead of the new school year, Invisalign Teen provides a fantastic solution.

Crooked teeth can leave teens lacking confidence in their smile, and though traditional metal braces help to provide great results, their prominent appearance can lead to even lower self-confidence. In recent years, Invisalign Teen has grown to be an extremely popular choice for teenagers wishing to straighten their teeth.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

Invisalign Teen is practically invisible

Invisalign teen aligners provide a teeth straightening solution that is very discreet, so it’s unlikely that they will be noticed. Invisalign aligners are made from medical grade, wafer thin plastic that fits exactly over your teeth, like a mouthguard.

In order to straighten teeth over a time, an impression is taken of a patient’s mouth, from which a series of Invisalign aligners are then made, to gradually move the teeth into the intended position. This means that each set of aligners will fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth as treatment continues.

No speech problems

Other than their visibility, another issue faced by some people that wear metal braces is that their voice and speech patterns can be affected, which can have a considerable effect on a person’s self-confidence. In contrast, Invisalign aligners fit perfectly over the teeth and are so thin that they make no difference to speech.

Easy to care for

Whilst fixed braces provide great results, the fixed brackets and wires make it harder for brace wearers to clean their teeth, increasing the risk of plaque and cavities. For some teenagers, the difficulty of cleaning around braces can make forgoing cleaning their teeth an undesirable process.

As Invisalign Teen aligners are not fixed to the teeth, they can quickly be removed to enable wearers to brush and floss their teeth, without any obstacle. The aligners themselves can also be simply brushed down and rinsed, to keep them clean.

Less discomfort

Not only can fixed braces be uncomfortable in the mouth, rubbing against the soft tissues inside the mouth, they can also be painful when they are tightened and adjusted. If a wire or bracket breaks free, they can be very sharp.

Whilst there is some soreness associated with Invisalign - teeth are moved into a new position after all - the level of discomfort is much less. There is nothing sharp to rub on the mouth, or break free.

More freedom

One of the most attractive characteristics of Invisalign to teens is that they allow more freedom. For example:

  • Fewer food restrictions - clear aligners can be removed to eat, so there’s no need to worry about breaking them when eating especially crunchy or chewy foods.
  • Freedom to play sports - wearing braces can be a worry when playing some contact sports, as there is increased risk of damage to the braces and teeth.
  • Freedom to play instruments - braces can make it difficult to play brass and woodwind instruments, as they change the shape of your mouth as you play. In contrast, Invisalign teen aligners fit more comfortably and cause no discomfort from your mouth pressing against them.

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