New Year, New You, New Orthodontic Braces

New Year, New You, New Orthodontic Braces

The new year is the perfect time to revaluate what you want to achieve during the following 365 days. For many people, new years resolutions revolve around bettering themselves to live a happier and fuller life with more confidence.

One of the biggest contributors to a person’s confidence is their appearance. Therefore, if your smile has been something which has affected your self-esteem, why not consider new orthodontic braces for 2019?

Braces are the most effective treatment for teeth straightening, helping to correct misalignment, bite issues and noticeable gaps in-between teeth. From traditional braces to modern and more discreet designs, here we explore your options:

Fixed Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces consist of small, metal brackets fitted to the front of each tooth and joined with a thin metal wire. This is then held together with tiny elastic bands which will regularly need changing. The benefit of a traditional brace is its long track record of providing successful results.

Ceramic braces are very similar, but instead have clear brackets to blend with the natural colouring of your teeth. This provides a less noticeable treatment but the same results.

The third design to follow the classic train track design are self-ligating braces. Being the modern approach to fixed braces, their design replaces the tiny elastic bands for clips. This provides a low maintenance approach to save you time during your brace care routine.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces take a different approach and are instead fitted behind your teeth. They apply constant pressure to gently push your teeth into correct alignment. This helps to fix overcrowding, gaps and bite issues in the same way as a traditional fixed brace, but with a far more discrete look.

Invisalign Aligners

One of our most popular teeth straightening treatments is Invisalign, a clear aligner which is created to meet your exact dental needs and sits comfortably on top of your teeth. Being removable provides the freedom to eat what you want and clean your teeth as normal, making Invisalign a very convenient option when compared to the strict cleaning routine traditional orthodontic braces require.

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