Invisalign Lite vs Full: Which Do I Need?

Orthodontist discussing Invisalign treatment

Teeth straightening is a treatment requested by teenagers and adults of all ages so they can benefit from a straighter, healthier and happier smile. Invisalign is a popular choice for many people, as the clear aligner is a huge selling point, enabling wearers to enjoy a removable and transparent design, for convenience, comfort and secrecy. But with multiple Invisalign options to choose from, which do you need when it comes to Invisalign Lite vs full?

What is Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign Lite is designed with the aim of treating minor orthodontic issues. This may include, badly positioned teeth, slight overcrowding, poor alignment between upper and lower teeth or tiny gaps between your teeth. Whereas full Invisalign is designed for orthodontic issues which require a lot more work.

Also, since Invisalign Lite is part of the Invisalign range, you can still enjoy the same comfort and convenience you would with any other Invisalign aligner.

Invisalign Lite vs Full Benefits

During teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign Lite you are given a maximum of 10 clear aligners from your orthodontist. Therefore, this treatment often has a shorter treatment time (usually under six months) and a lower price.

This can make it an ideal option for those with big events that they need to prepare for in the near future, such as weddings and job promotions. You will need to attend regular orthodontist appointments, but this is just to ensure that your Invisalign Lite treatment is showing the expected results.

Invisalign full, on the other hand, is offered to people with more serious malocclusions, including complex misaligned teeth or overcrowding. During this treatment, your orthodontist will change the aligners every two weeks to help your teeth to gradually move into their correct positions and it will typically take slightly longer.

Both options offer excellent results and a low maintenance routine compared to other teeth straightening treatments.

Which Should I Choose?

Firstly, when choosing between Invisalign Lite vs full, consider how severe your malocclusions are, as both offer different treatment types. Secondly, consider if you are looking for a quick teeth straightening treatment or are willing to wait for your desired results, as both have different treatment lengths and costs.

The best advice when it comes to choosing Invisalign Lite or full is to book a consultation with our team here at the Dulwich Orthodontics Centre. An orthodontist can examine your oral concerns and guide you through what the issues are, what results you should be looking for and which Invisalign treatment can help you to achieve this.