How Dental Retainers Support Your Orthodontic Aftercare

How Dental Retainers Support Your Orthodontic Aftercare

Dental retainers are most often used in the final stage of your orthodontic treatment, to assist your teeth and gums adjusting to their new positions. With a design constructed from either wires or clear plastic, you can choose between fixed and removable, for excellent teeth straightening results.

Who Needs to Wear Dental Retainers?

Any person who has had to wear braces will be required to wear a dental retainer for a set period of time afterwards. Depending on the severity of your dental situation, it can take time to settle your teeth’s new alignment.

Therefore, you may be instructed by your orthodontist to wear your retainer for 24 hours a day during the first three months post-braces. For severe cases, it could take one year or longer for your teeth to properly stabilise in their new positions.

Fortunately, dental retainers are custom made to comfortably fit the shape of your teeth and gums. This reduces discomfort during your treatment your retainers can be removed during meal times for low-maintenance care.

Teeth Realignment

Over time your teeth will naturally move and can sometimes settle into where your upper and lower jaws meet when you bite. This could mean that your teeth shift out of a straight alignment. On the other hand, your teeth could also relapse. This is when your teeth and bone begin to shift backwards, leading to misalignment or malocclusion.

Whichever reason for your teeth misalignment, realignment can easily be achieved with the right orthodontic treatment. For the most success with your results, follow recommendations provided by your orthodontist.

Holding Position

Dental retainers are saved until the final stage of your teeth straightening treatment because they are what will provide long lasting results. Dental retainers will hold together the work completed by your braces, to ensure your teeth settle into their new position. Without dental retainers, you could be sacrificing the quality of your results.

Treating Other Dental Issues

As well as allowing your teeth to develop into a straight alignment, dental retainers can also treat other dental issues. There has been research to suggest that misaligned teeth can cause difficulty with chewing and speech. Therefore, wearing dental retainers can treat the side effects of a crooked smile.

If you are experiencing any difficulties because of your oral health, always speak to your orthodontist for advice.

Seeking Orthodontic Aftercare

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