How an Invisalign Orthodontist Can Unlock Your Best Smile

How an Invisalign Orthodontist Can Unlock Your Best Smile

Are you longing for a smile you can feel truly confident in? Look no further than an Invisalign orthodontist. Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment option that can transform your teeth without the visibility of traditional braces. With its clear aligners and personalised treatment plans, Invisalign offers a reliable and effective solution for correcting misaligned teeth and unlocking your best smile. As a result, Invisalign has grown to be one of the most popular teeth straightening treatments available.

Unlocking your best smile goes beyond straightening teeth. Improving the alignment of your teeth also helps you to improve your oral health, clean the surfaces of your teeth and in-between, and perhaps most importantly, improve your self-confidence and help you to feel proud of the way you look. Invisalign is a great solution to help you achieve all of these goals.

In this blog post, we will explore the power of Invisalign and how an experienced orthodontist can help you achieve your desired treatment outcomes. From its introduction in 1999 to its popularity today, Invisalign has revolutionised the field of orthodontics. We will delve into the benefits of Invisalign, including its virtually invisible aligners, comfort, and the ability to remove them for eating and maintaining oral hygiene.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a method of adjusting teeth alignment using clear aligners, made from wafer thin, transparent, medical grade plastic. For many adults seeking to straighten their teeth, the thought of highly visible fixed braces is enough to put them off. One of the major benefits of clear aligners is that they are barely visible when worn, and can be removed to make it easier to eat and clean your teeth, whilst fixed braces mean certain foods are an absolute no, and there are brackets and wires to navigate when it comes to carrying out everyday oral hygiene tasks.

Prior to treatment, moulds or digital scans of the patient's teeth allow for a series of aligners to be manufactured. The aligners are then worn over the teeth, fitting snugly in order to gradually move them into the desired position. Each new set of aligners is designed to safely progress the movement of the teeth and patients generally switch to a new set every two weeks or so. In order for clear aligners to achieve effective results, it’s important to wear the aligners for at least between twenty and twenty two hours a day. On average, treatment takes just over a year to complete.

Whilst you may have only become aware of this kind of treatment in recent years, the concept of using removable appliances for teeth straightening dates back to the 1940s. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s when plastic aligners were first introduced to address minor teeth alignment corrections. Invisalign was invented in 1997 and gained FDA approval in 1998. Since the 2000s, ever increasing numbers of people have turned to an Invisalign orthodontist to help transform their smile. As one of the most popular plastic aligner systems in the world, Invisalign technology is continually refined and huge investment is put into training orthodontists and dentists to offer it to their patients.

Do I need an orthodontist for Invisalign?

Whilst you do not necessarily need an orthodontist for Invisalign, as both dentists and orthodontists are qualified to offer this treatment, it’s important to remember that orthodontists are specialists who have undergone additional training in teeth alignment treatments, with a specific focus on diagnosing and treating misaligned bites. As a result, you should feel more confident in being treated by an experienced orthodontist, rather than a dentist, who is a general practitioner who may be able to provide Invisalign as a treatment.

How often do you see an orthodontist with Invisalign?

How often you will have to visit your orthodontist with Invisalign depends on your individual treatment plan, but in general, most Invisalign patients are required to attend orthodontics appointments every six to eight weeks. This is important to attend checkups as these visits allow for progress to be monitored and allow for any necessary adjustments to the aligner plan moving forward. Whilst it is up to you to ensure you wear your aligners every day, it is up to the orthodontist to oversee the progress of treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for your smile transformation.

Are clear aligners painful?

As well as their appearance, traditional metal braces can be quite uncomfortable. In addition to creating tooth sensitivity and discomfort when tightened, fixed braces also rub against the soft flesh inside your mouth, which can create soreness. A major benefit of Invisalign treatment is that the plastic of the aligners is very smooth and extremely thin, so it does not rub uncomfortably on the inside of the cheeks and lips. When switching to a new set of aligners, it is normal to feel some pressure and discomfort, however, this should not last for long. Should pain be severe, it’s important to report this to the orthodontist.

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At Dulwich Orthodontics, clear aligners are probably our most popular treatment as they achieve great results for minor misalignments and are extremely easy to use. If you are ready to straighten your teeth without worrying about the way your braces look, Invisalign could be the perfect solution for you to unlock your best smile and discover a new confidence.