Five Signs That Orthodontic Repairs Are Needed

Braces needing orthodontic repairs

It’s not unusual for braces to break during treatment. After all, they get a lot of wear and tear. From eating sticky or hard foods, to knocking a bracket off on some food, to wires unthreading and more, there are many reasons why you might require an emergency orthodontist. While it’s probably not a life-threatening emergency, getting orthodontic repairs done as soon as you can will minimise the long-term risks of not doing so.

What kinds of situations require an emergency orthodontist?

  1. When you’re in unbearable pain

It’s not uncommon for there to be some slight pain at various points in your orthodontic treatment. This usually arises when you have your braces fitted, tightened or changed. This is completely normal and not usually classed as an emergency. However, if your pain is severe and not controlled with over-the-counter pain medication, you may need orthodontic repairs or some investigative work by an orthodontist.

  1. When your orthodontic braces are broken

If your braces have snapped or broken, you might be left with wires poking into your cheek or hanging off. This should be assessed as soon as possible to prevent injury to the structures in your mouth, and so you know what kind of orthodontic repairs are required.

  1. When a part of your brace is loose

If your brace has broken and you have bits hanging off, it can be a choking hazard. That’s why it’s important to contact an emergency orthodontist as soon as you notice a problem. Use dental wax to try and hold the piece in place, at least until you can get to your emergency appointment and have orthodontic repairs carried out.

  1. When the retainer wire has partially come off and is causing a problem with eating or drinking

While retainer wires that are stuck on the back of teeth are often very secure, there are times when they can become lose and come away from the teeth. If you are in this situation and it is difficult to eat and drink, it’s time to call an emergency orthodontist.

  1. If there is soft tissue caught in your brace

If you have been accidentally hit in the face or had facial trauma while wearing a brace, there is the possibility that the soft tissues of your mouth may get caught in the metal. If this is the case then it is recommended to visit an orthodontist as soon as possible to enable the soft tissue to be released safely.

What orthodontic problems can be resolved at home?

Normal pain after tightening

If your pain is the result of having your braces fitted or tightened, you should be able to stem the pain with over-the-counter medications. You will probably find that after a few days, the pain will subside and you’ll be back to normal again. If, however, the pain worsens or is unbearable, call an emergency orthodontist who will be able to investigate the cause further.

Mouth ulcers

It’s not uncommon to get mouth ulcers with braces, particularly if your orthodontic treatment is freshly installed. The risk of this can be minimised by using orthodontic wax and oral antiseptic mouthwash regularly, and keeping your teeth as clean as possible.

A loose bracket

Occasionally, a bracket on your braces may become loose. If you have some orthodontic wax to hand, apply it to the bracket and stick it to the tooth temporarily. This will allow you some time to arrange an appointment with your regular orthodontist.

Food caught between the teeth

It is always recommended to have some interdental brushes to hand. This will help you remove stubborn bits of food from in between the teeth, and allow you to reach into tiny spaces.

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