Braces for Adults: What Are Your Options?

Braces for Adults: What Are Your Options?

As we grow older, our body continues to adjust and our teeth continue to move. Orthodontic braces are not just for children and teenagers, as people of any age could begin to need braces to realign their smile.

Suffering with Misaligned Teeth

Orthodontic braces are all about correcting the position of your teeth for a comfortable and healthy smile. There can be a number of reasons for your teeth shifting out of position, including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Tooth Loss
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Bad Habits (e.g. sucking your thumb)

Not treating the problem can lead to multiple issues that can make daily tasks a struggle. Crooked teeth can be more challenging to keep clean as certain areas may be overlapped and therefore hard to reach with a toothbrush and floss. This can lead to further oral health issues, such as plaque build up caused by left over food remains, which can potentially lead to cavities, tooth decay, periodontal or gum disease.

Eating solid foods can also become a chore and uncomfortable on your jaw. Therefore, a lot of people end up leaving their favourite foods for softer foods as it’s easier.

Visiting Your Orthodontist

As well as helping you regain your confidence with a straightened smile, your orthodontist can also correct bite issues and assist with alleviating issues such as TMJ. The sooner you visit your orthodontist, the sooner your self-esteem will be restored, teeth will be easier to clean and oral health will be improved.

Choosing Your Adult Braces

When it comes to choosing your adult orthodontic braces, there can be a range to choose from, which all provide excellent results, but all differ in appearance, convenience and how they work. Fixed Braces are your traditional style of braces, which are fitted to the front of your teeth with a wire inserted through the brackets. These are a very effective teeth straightening treatment and modern technology now mean they are available in smaller, more comfortable sizes.

You are given the option to choose from a pallet of colours, but for those looking for a more discreet treatment there are ceramic braces available.

Lingual Braces are the complete opposite and are instead fitted to the backs of your teeth. These are one of the latest advancements in orthodontic treatment and are one of the more discreet brace designs to opt for.

Just like fixed braces, they use small metal brackets with attached arch wires which apply continuous pressure to gradually realign your teeth.

Invisalign treatment has recently proved to be a popular choice, as it is very discreet and highly convenient. Invisalign are invisible aligners which you keep on all day, but can easily take out to eat and brush your teeth. This also means that you can enjoy more foods without worrying remains will get jammed in your braces.

More Information

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