Brace Care: How to Prevent Stained Teeth from Braces

Teenager wearing braces without stained teeth

Wearing braces can be a very rewarding process. The day you can finally have them removed to reveal satisfyingly straight teeth for a picture perfect smile is a huge relief. However, when stained teeth from braces are also revealed it can feel like there is another milestone to overcome.

Stained teeth from braces can be due to a number of reasons, many of which are not actually down to the braces themselves. This is why not all brace wearers have stained teeth during their orthodontic treatment. In this blog we will explore the different causes of stained teeth from braces along with tips on how to prevent them through an efficient brace care routine.

Causes of Stained Teeth from Braces

Most often, staining on your teeth revealed after having your braces taken off, is caused by plaque from eating and drinking. For example, if you haven’t sufficiently cleaned your teeth after eating, food can still be left trapped under your braces. Plaque is filled with bacteria and builds on your teeth, which creates the brown and yellow toned discoloured stains you can see on your teeth.

How to Prevent Stained Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth Whitening

Using whitening toothpaste at home with an electric toothbrush can help to prevent stained teeth from braces. If you have already had your braces removed, ask your orthodontist about teeth whitening treatments and which options would work best for you. Both at home and in practice teeth whitening packages are available, so we would advise avoiding high-street kits as these can be damaging for your teeth.


Plaque build-up has been known to demineralise teeth after eating sugar filled foods, which encourage plaque bacteria to release acids. This can be harmful to tooth enamel by leaving white spots. If left untreated, the demineralisation can lead to cavities. Remineralisation treatment, regular brushing, reducing sugar, dairy and fruit in your diet and adding probiotic and vitamin supplements to your routine can help.

Routine Dentist Visits

Always attend regular dental appointments so your dentist or orthodontist can monitor your oral health. During your visits, they can also assist with brace care and cleaning for a fresh, healthier smile.

Booking an Orthodontist Appointment

If you have any queries regarding your braces or brace care, the Dulwich Orthodontic Centre is here to help. Our friendly team is dedicated to providing first class customer service to ensure that you receive the treatment you need. To book an appointment or for more information on stained teeth from braces, please get in touch with us.