Beyond Teeth Straightening: The Dental Treatments Available at Our Sister Practice

Beyond Teeth Straightening: The Dental Treatments Available at Our Sister Practice

If you have completed teeth straightening treatment at Dulwich Orthodontics, your journey with us doesn't necessarily have to end here. If there are other issues with your smile that are bothering you, or you just want to know what treatments are available to restore and improve the appearance of your teeth, then you might like to know about the dental treatments offered at our sister practice, the Orthodontic Suite.

Situated just a minute’s walk from our practice, The Orthodontic Suite offers a holistic approach to creating beautiful smiles, using a combination of facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry to achieve a balanced bite and a healthy smile. With convenient opening times, flexible payment plans and a warm welcome as soon as you walk in, there are many reasons why The Orthodontic Suite is an excellent choice for dental treatments.

What to Expect From The Orthodontic Suite

  • Dental implants - a durable and natural looking way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace one or multiple teeth and as they look and function just like your normal teeth, they can restore confidence in your smile.
  • Cosmetic dentistry - whether it is a single treatment you require such as having a dental veneer fitted to cover a damaged or stained tooth, or you need a smile makeover to combine several cosmetic treatments, The Orthodontic Suite can help you to get the results you want.
  • Facial aesthetics - it isn’t only your teeth that can affect the appearance of your smile. Thanks to facial aesthetic treatments such as fillers and anti wrinkle injections you can rejuvenate your skin and give yourself more reasons to smile!
  • Oral surgery - sometimes getting the smile you want needs a more complex approach and this is where oral surgery comes in. The oral surgery team at The Orthodontic Suite are experienced in a wide range of procedures from difficult extractions to orthodontic surgery and treatments to restore jaw function.
  • Teeth whitening - when you want to brighten your smile and remove the stains and discolouration caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, teeth whitening at the dentist is the best and safest solution. Thanks to a tailored treatment programme that provides you with whitening gel and custom made trays, you can achieve a whiter smile in as little as three weeks.

Book an Appointment or Find Out More

If you have been considering other dental treatments for a while, or think that now might be a good time to find out more about your options, you can get in touch with the team at our sister practice using the contact details below. 

Phone: 0203 973 9334

Email: Click here to send a message


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The team are committed to the same level of patient care and high standards that you have come to expect from Dulwich Orthodontics, so you can be assured of the best attention to detail and warm welcome when visiting for dental treatments.