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Caring for your fixed brace

Braces are quite delicate and you need to ensure you do not damage them.  Breaking your brace means you will have to make an additional visit to us, and it may prolong your treatment.

The best way to avoid damage is to be careful what you eat and how hard you bite.  Hard and chewy foods and treats such as toffee should not be eaten while undergoing treatment.  Apples or carrots can still be eaten, but cut them into bite-sized pieces instead of biting into them.  Chewing on fingernails, pens, etc, should also be avoided.

If you take part in contact sports, you need to protect your teeth and brace with an orthodontic mouthguard – please ask for more details.


After your brace has been fitted, you may find that your teeth are tender and your mouth is sore for the first week or so.  This is perfectly normal, and it will get better.

We advise you to take whatever painkillers you would normally use for a headache (aspirin should not be given to children).  To minimise the rubbing, you can use Bonjela, Brace Relief, Braceze or wax.


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